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“Creating the Buzz”

“Creating the Buzz”

14. 5. 2010

On May 12, 2010 the St Andrews Partnership delivered Social Media Strategy Workshop which was held at the Rufflets Hotel just outside St Andrews. The session lasted whole day and was attended by the representatives of 20 businesses from the area.

The workshop was lead the two social media experts Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson who focused on introducing the different types of social media and explaining how they can be used to the benefit of the participating businesses. Throughout the day they helped the delegates to formulate their social media mission statement, identify strategic objectives and key performance indicators, and map customer segments including the social media they are most likely to be using.

The workshop was hands on action rather than just mere theory. It followed a clear structure and delivered a very palpable result for each participating business. Further support is available from both lecturers to all attendees to ensure that the benefit of the workshop is maximised as the participants develop and implement their social media strategy in practice.

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