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GCI´s New Year´s Resolutions

GCI´s New Year´s Resolutions

According to the Mayan calendar 2012 will see the end of the world. I have to admit that if we allowed ourselves to watch the news every day (especially the economic section of it) we would start believing it. The “mistake” of watching the news has been made once in the morning of January 1 and we indeed learned how bad the upcoming year is going to be. And it was exactly then when we decided to prove the doom and gloomers wrong.

Golf Communications International (GCI) is a relatively young business which was started at the beginning of these tough economic times. Despite that it is still here living and breathing and entering its third year in business. And that is one positive thing to feel happy about. Also, in the two years of its existence GCI has helped number of clients facing difficulties and budget cuts but at the same time wanting to do their best in the area of promotion of their products. GCI has been able to meet their demands in this challenging situation, deliver top class service and press coverage worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

And how do we look ahead into 2012? Well, not sure if the end of the world is coming or not but certainly not for us. We are entering this year with our chin up and the following resolutions:

- remain positive and optimistic regardless of what they say on the telly :-)
- keep working hard for our existing clients
- fight fiercely for the new business
- turn the challenge to our advantage
- and … keep smiling :-) !

We simply believe that 2012 is going to be a good year. So cheers to that, folks, and we look forward to working with you!

Posted on January 18, 2012 by admin@golfcomms

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