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Le Bureau International Golf Series 2012: Handicap on Track

Le Bureau International Golf Series 2012: Handicap on Track

Day 3: Trackman

They say everything goes like clockwork in Switzerland and that was certainly the case for Le Bureau’s clients on a dream coaching visit to Vilamoura.

On the third day of the Le Bureau Handicap on Track trip the group every need was anticipated to make sure the golfers could focus on their golf and enjoying themselves. When the group came down in the morning their buggies were waiting for them to take them to the range where their clubs were cleaned and ready. They were greeted by Mencia with some refreshments before getting on with the golf.

In today’s session Swiss national coach Graham Kaye used the Trackman radar ball-tracking system to begin measuring the performance of the golfers. The system follows the flight of the ball and calculates a vast amount of data from distance to trajectory, dispersal and the smash rate. The figures enabled Graham to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the group’s swings and tailor his coaching accordingly.

One of the group Sylviane said: “Graham’s method is so simple to understand. No more club face, hand, hips, shoulders control. It is just a matter of throwing the ball and feel what your body is doing to send the ball straight in front of you!”

Golf tuition by Graham Kaye

Even when things didn’t go according to plan today Le Bureau was able to take care of its clients. One of the ladies’ sets of clubs was accidentally taken by another group at the Victoria Course. Finding any replacement set wasn’t an option for Le Bureau. It had to be the same set of Titleist Burners so she could fully benefit from the rest of the coaching programme. Within three hours the lady in question had a brand new full set of the same clubs and she will keep them until her originals are returned.

All in a day’s work!

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