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Le Bureau International Golf Series 2012: Handicap on Track

Le Bureau International Golf Series 2012: Handicap on Track

Day 5: Breezy day in the Algarve.

It was ladies’ day at Le Bureau´s Handicap on Track coaching trip to Vilamoura today. As the windy conditions continued on day five of the programme the ladies showed their mettle by carrying on with the practice sessions while some of the guys opted for the comparative calm of the clubhouse.

The scheduled course management session was postponed as coach Graham Kaye opted to make the most of the blustery conditions to concentrate on striking the ball in the wind. As the ladies practised it became clear that they were having more success in finding the fairways than the longer-hitting guys. As Graham pointed out, hitting less powerful shots results in less spin on the ball and lower trajectories which meant the ladies were finding the fairways more easily. He said: “In these conditions the ball has to be struck softly in order to take some spin of it so that it keeps the line of the flight better. Hitting harder in the wind adds spin and consequently the ball effect is increased.”

As a reward for their efforts the ladies, Maryse, Rafaela, Britt and Sylviane, benefited from having their swings filmed and analysed by Graham and then, for good measure, spent time working on their putting drills.

Le Bureau International Golf Series

Le Bureau International Golf Series

Le Bureau group leader Dominique Rey said: “Personally, I loved the wind. I hit a perfect drive down wind with just a small draw on a hole measuring 354m. My drive landed exactly 15m away from the green. I probably won the longest drive contest of the day for the first time in my life! Back in Switzerland I will struggle to get used to the normal conditions with soft fairways, no roll and the average length of my drives about 250m.”

Tomorrow is the last day on the challenging Victoria Course where all the golfers will put their newly enhanced skills into practice.

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