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A Challenging role of a PR professional in the current climate

As featured in the next edition of the Golf Business Development Magazine

PR or Public Relations can mean different things to different people. Many people associate it with the black arts of spin and Machiavellian political manoeuvring. Some confuse it with marketing and, even less accurately, with advertising. In the current economic climate the level of understanding of PR and the role of the PR professional seems to have diminished even further as it finds itself parked alongside the other “luxury” items in the company budget which have to be shelved until things improve.

So what is PR and what can it really achieve for your business? The most recent definition from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) states that “Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics.” Leaving aside the inelegance of the latter part of that statement, the key words are “communication” and “relationships”. PR is about building relationships with people, usually in the media, that can influence your clients and then through them telling your clients why you are special and why they should buy your product or service. Note that the words “advertising” and “sales” do not appear in the definition. I will come back to that later.

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GCI celebrates its third birthday!

It probably seemed a little crazy to leave a secure, reasonably paid public sector job at the end of 2009 just as the economy turned sharply downward and the recession was looming. Even more so when it was to set up a business in Public Relations and marketing, the two areas which most companies (as much as it doesn´t make any sense) tend to cut back on first when they have to reduce their budgets. And perhaps most foolhardily of all to focus the business on a sector such as golf tourism and travel and leisure which would be among the sectors worst hit by the downturn. But that’s exactly what I did.

I would not call myself an optimist but I am someone with a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and dedication. I am hard-working by nature and believe I can make things happen despite all the doom and gloom. It required all of these qualities and more to get Golf Communications International off the ground. I had to remain totally committed to my vision for the new company and not be put off by the many obstacles in my path. Lo and behold, three years later and GCI is not only still around but thriving.

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Way forward in women´s golf – NEW REPORT

Courses that tailor their facilities to appeal to women golfers will prosper as a result, according to a new piece of research. Better financial results and quicker pace of play are among the benefits of following best practices for women golfers, according to the study, commissioned by the Little Family Foundation. According to ‘The Right Invitation: 2011 Women’s Golf Longitudinal Research’ there are as many as eight best practices that especially resonate with women golfers, and courses that employ most, if not all, of them are apt to see as much as a 16 per cent increase in play.

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GCI´s New Year´s Resolutions

According to the Mayan calendar 2012 will see the end of the world. I have to admit that if we allowed ourselves to watch the news every day (especially the economic section of it) we would start believing it. The “mistake” of watching the news has been made once in the morning of January 1 and we indeed learned how bad the upcoming year is going to be. And it was exactly then when we decided to prove the doom and gloomers wrong.

Golf Communications International (GCI) is a relatively young business which was started at the beginning of these tough economic times. Despite that it is still here living and breathing and entering its third year in business. And that is one positive thing to feel happy about. Also, in the two years of its existence GCI has helped number of clients facing difficulties and budget cuts but at the same time wanting to do their best in the area of promotion of their products. GCI has been able to meet their demands in this challenging situation, deliver top class service and press coverage worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

And how do we look ahead into 2012? Well, not sure if the end of the world is coming or not but certainly not for us. We are entering this year with our chin up and the following resolutions:

- remain positive and optimistic regardless of what they say on the telly :-)
- keep working hard for our existing clients
- fight fiercely for the new business
- turn the challenge to our advantage
- and … keep smiling :-) !

We simply believe that 2012 is going to be a good year. So cheers to that, folks, and we look forward to working with you!

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GCI logo

GCI celebrates its second year in business!

It is two years today that that Golf Communications International (GCI) has been introduced to the busy golf tourism market. Despite the challenging times the golf business has been facing recently GCI has established itself as a trusted industry partner for tourist boards, destinations, hotels, golf courses and resorts around the world looking to promote themselves in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.

GCI has been able to provide tailor-made solutions for all sorts of clients, great and small, meeting their demanding requirements as well as tight budgets. Based on individual approach to every single product GCI promotes, the agency managed to secure editorial and PR coverage worth tenths of thousands of pounds saving its clients vast amount of resources on advertising.

GCI´s clients have been delighted about the company´s dynamic, energetic and creative attitude and by its ability to quickly react to their needs. Whether it was delivering a strategic approach to social media to engage with their customers, developing business relationships with key golf tour operators or generating media coverage GCI has always been there to provide excellent service to its clients and make a real difference to their business.

Throughout the year GCI has also received fantastic feedback from golf journalists from all over the world who appreciated the high standard of press materials they receive from the agency as well as the speed and diligence with which their enquiries are being handled.

GCI is currently enjoying an extremely busy autumn season working on number of projects for 2012 and preparing for the World Travel Market in London where Helena travels on Sunday, November 6.
GCI would like to take this opportunity to thank all its clients, journalists and industry partners for their business and support and looks forward to making even bigger difference to golf businesses in the years to come.

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A two-year Visit Kent campaign promoting the county as an international golfing destination is establishing a legacy that will provide support to local tourism businesses for many years to come.

Sandra Matthews-Marsh, Chief Executive at Visit Kent, said she was delighted that the Open Golf at Sandwich had been a major triumph offering outstanding golf and achieving thousands of hours of global media coverage for the course.

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Golf Comms logo

Golf Communications International launches new website

Golf Communications International (GCI), a specialised golf PR and marketing consultancy based near St Andrews, Scotland, launches its new website today.

The revamped website replaces the original design introduced in November 2009 and can be found at the same web address

GCI´s new online presence offers an array of enhanced features including a free downloadable marketing tips document and the opportunity for potential clients to sign up for a free PR and marketing review.

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Kingarrock Hickory Golf Course

Have you tried hickory golf yet?

If you love the game of golf, you will know at least a little bit about its history. But maybe you would like to take it just a little bit further and try for yourself how golf was originally played. Well, I had the chance!

Kingarrock Golf Course lies within the grounds of the Hill of Tarvit Estate only ten miles from the famous Old Course at St Andrews where it all began. It is here in the middle of the stunning Scottish countryside that you have the opportunity to play a fantastic 9-hole golf course, use the original hickory clubs and learn about the fascinating history of this place.

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GCI at European Tour Properties Annual Conference

24. 3. 2011

From March 21 until 23 Helena represented GCI at European Tour Properties Annual Conference at PGA Catalunya in Spain. Helena was invited to the conference to give presentation to this influential audience about innovative approaches to golf PR and marketing in order to support European Tour´s ambition of establishing European Tour Properties as the world’s premier golf and real estate brand.

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Farewell Dougie!

8. 3. 2011

I am really sad to note the passing of one of Scotland´s best known golf journalists. The Herald´s Dougie Lowe passed away at the weekend following a devastating illness.

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