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Golf’s UK Press Coverage Gets Thumbs Down

An overwhelming number of British club golfers believe their sport does not receive the coverage it deserves from national newspapers, according to a poll taken by HowDidiDo, Europe’s largest golfing community.

A staggering 98 per cent of respondents to the poll on the HowDidiDo website voiced their displeasure and felt golf was not a priority for the national sporting press. Football dominates the thoughts of those on national sports desks, according to 97 per cent of club golfers.

When golf is covered by national newspapers, only 16 per cent of respondents felt the coverage was good or better. More than half (53 per cent) of the people replying believed golf reporting was below average or worse.

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Posted on November 9, 2012 by admin@golfcomms

Catriona Matthew

450th Anniversary of Montrose Links, Scotland

Any excuse is a good excuse to get out of the office on Friday afternoon. But when the reason for one´s absence from in front of the computer screen is a round of golf at one of Scotland´s historic links courses then no justification is required!

It was last Friday that I was invited to attend a press event at Montrose Links to celebrate its remarkable 450th anniversary this year making it the fifth oldest course in the world. Sitting in the heart of Carnoustie Country only an hour away from St Andrews and Gleneagles and thirty minutes from Carnoustie itself, Montrose is an ideal base for a memorable golfing break. There are incredible thirty golf courses within a 40-mile drive of Carnoustie Championship and Montrose is just one of them. I have never visited the links before so I was really excited about the opportunity. The icing on the cake was that we would get to meet the legendary Scottish golfer Catriona Matthew on the day.

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Way forward in women´s golf – NEW REPORT

Courses that tailor their facilities to appeal to women golfers will prosper as a result, according to a new piece of research. Better financial results and quicker pace of play are among the benefits of following best practices for women golfers, according to the study, commissioned by the Little Family Foundation. According to ‘The Right Invitation: 2011 Women’s Golf Longitudinal Research’ there are as many as eight best practices that especially resonate with women golfers, and courses that employ most, if not all, of them are apt to see as much as a 16 per cent increase in play.

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Posted on February 27, 2012 by admin@golfcomms

GCI´s New Year´s Resolutions

According to the Mayan calendar 2012 will see the end of the world. I have to admit that if we allowed ourselves to watch the news every day (especially the economic section of it) we would start believing it. The “mistake” of watching the news has been made once in the morning of January 1 and we indeed learned how bad the upcoming year is going to be. And it was exactly then when we decided to prove the doom and gloomers wrong.

Golf Communications International (GCI) is a relatively young business which was started at the beginning of these tough economic times. Despite that it is still here living and breathing and entering its third year in business. And that is one positive thing to feel happy about. Also, in the two years of its existence GCI has helped number of clients facing difficulties and budget cuts but at the same time wanting to do their best in the area of promotion of their products. GCI has been able to meet their demands in this challenging situation, deliver top class service and press coverage worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

And how do we look ahead into 2012? Well, not sure if the end of the world is coming or not but certainly not for us. We are entering this year with our chin up and the following resolutions:

- remain positive and optimistic regardless of what they say on the telly :-)
- keep working hard for our existing clients
- fight fiercely for the new business
- turn the challenge to our advantage
- and … keep smiling :-) !

We simply believe that 2012 is going to be a good year. So cheers to that, folks, and we look forward to working with you!

Posted on January 18, 2012 by admin@golfcomms


GCI to attend World Travel Market 2011

Less than two weeks remain before the 2011 World Travel Market in London opens its doors to thousands of tourism professionals, journalists and visitors to allow for four days of networking, business meetings, seminars, presentations, workshops and above all showcasing the best of tourism from all over the world.

Helena will be representing Golf Communications International (GCI) at this travel extravaganza. She will attend WTM London from November 7 – 9 meeting existing as well as potential clients and discussing how GCI can help golf resorts build profile, raise awareness and secure adequate attention i.e. business from travelling golfers.

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10 reasons why you should work with GCI

• GCI’s targeted approach to PR is more cost-effective and more impactful than standard advertising

• for every hundred pounds spent on PR we will deliver more than ten times that amount in terms of media coverage

• we will meet your budget expectations – tell us how much you can spend and we will deliver the maximum return

• through our unrivalled contacts we will secure media coverage in leading golf publications around the world within a tight budget

• we go the extra mile in terms of advising, supporting and assisting clients beyond merely providing PR and marketing consultancy

• we will help you harness the full marketing potential of social media to engage with your customers and increase sales

• we pride ourselves on building relationships with clients and growing with them

• we are flexible, personal, quick, efficient, reliable and we deliver what we promise

• with experience of the public, private and media sectors in the golf industry we bring a unique perspective, knowledge and insight to our work with clients

• we are based at the heart of the industry near St Andrews, the Home of Golf

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